A circuit breaker is an automatic device used to control and protect electrical appliances and the electrical power system connected to it. Although the tripping of circuit breakers ensures safety, it can be quite frustrating if this happens regularly. You will need to contact an electrical technician in Pembroke, GA, to diagnose and help you establish why your circuit breaker keeps tripping.

Circuit Overload

Circuit overload is the main reason why your circuit breaker will keep tripping. Circuit overload means that the circuit is providing more electricity than its intended capacity. The overload will cause the circuit to overheat, and this will put the electrical devices in your home at risk.

The tripping of the circuit breaker is a safety mechanism that prevents damage to your electric devices and circuit. You can find a solution to circuit overload by redistributing the electrical devices to different circuit breakers. However, if this does not work, you should contact us at Deal’s Heating & Air.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when a live wire and a neutral wire come in contact in the electrical outlets. It causes a large amount of electricity to flow through the electric circuit, and this creates more heat than your circuit can handle. A short circuit will either cause the tripping of the breaker or a fuse blowing.

Short circuits are potentially dangerous because of the high temperatures they create. You might try to diagnose this problem yourself, but it is better to call our technicians.

Ground Fault Surges

A circuit breaker will also trip when a live wire comes into contact with a bare copper ground wire. When this happens, a massive flow of electric current will pass through the circuit, and the breaker trips to protect the circuit and electrical devices from damage. You can identify ground faults from the discoloration that happens on the outlets.

Fixing ground faults may pose a hazard to your home and family if you are unfamiliar with electrical maintenance. If you reside in Pembroke, GA, and you experience circuit breaker tripping frequently, schedule an appointment with us at Deal’s Heating & Air team of HVAC and electrical experts.

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