Smart thermostats are also known as learning thermostats and Wi-Fi controls. A smart thermostat is a device that offers homeowners in Statesboro, GA an easy way to reduce heating and cooling costs. Here are four compelling reasons to install one right now:

1. Energy Efficiency

According to thermostat manufacturers, smart controls can save up to 23 percent per year on energy bills. Some Wi-Fi thermostats also generate energy usage reports and offer tips to reduce consumption. The reports include information about how your present usage habits will impact future energy savings.

2. Internet Connectivity With a Smart Thermostat

With a Wi-Fi device, you can monitor conditions in your home remotely from anywhere using a smartphone. You can change or override your existing HVAC settings for additional convenience and energy efficiency. If your schedule changes, you can instruct the thermostat to have your home comfortable by the time you return.

3. Movement Detection

Smart thermostats with motion sensors can detect when people are in your home, where they are and when they leave. Using that information, learning thermostats can adjust indoor temperatures accordingly. The data collected by sensors is also used to heat and cool your home most efficiently going forward. The results are comfortable and energy-efficient conditions throughout your home in real time.

4. Smart Programming With a Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can reduce energy costs by 10 percent or more. However, the smart thermostat needs to be set up correctly. Learning thermostats solve the problem for you. They observe your family’s habits, collect data from the motion detectors and take over the programming functions. They can keep you comfortable and save you money all year long.

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