Routine maintenance helps to keep your system at optimal performance and reduce your energy bills. A maintenance agreement enables you to get scheduled HVAC system inspection services for a certain period. Here are four benefits of our comfort club maintenance agreements in Brooklet, GA.

1. Improve Efficiency and Cost Savings

Over time, your HVAC system loses its efficiency due to increased wear and tear. This leads to high energy bills as it strains to cool your home. An HVAC maintenance agreement will ensure that your system undergoes routine maintenance and maintains its efficiency.

Being part of our comfort club also ensures that you enjoy discounts on parts and labor repairs. You’ll have peace of mind that your system will last longer.

2. Priority HVAC Service

Your HVAC system may break down occasionally and require repair services. A maintenance agreement will ensure that you get priority service when your system requires any emergency services. You’ll get immediate attention and avoid the inconveniences of waiting for long hours or days for your system to have repairs.

3. Scheduled Reminders

The summer and winter months are the busiest for HVAC service technicians since they get many requests for services. With a maintenance agreement, you’ll get early reminders for HVAC maintenance before the date of service. Your system will be ready for the tough months, and it will remain reliable.

4. Proper Documentation of Maintenance

Proper documentation can help you validate your warranty with the manufacturer if your system breaks down within the specified period. You can also present it as proof that your system is in top-notch condition when selling your home. Your contractor will have proper documentation of all the routine maintenance for your system if you have a maintenance agreement.

Deal’s Heating & Air provides quality AC and heating, repair, service and installation services. Our comfort club will help you keep your system efficient and save money through our maintenance program. Contact Deal’s Heating & Air today for all your air conditioning services.

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