Summers around Portal, GA, get hot and humid, making a functional air conditioner a matter of safety and comfort. Here are five reasons to not skip out on your spring HVAC maintenance this year.

1. Less Stress

Your air conditioner can be a source of stress over the summer, especially if you have subtle symptoms. This stress comes from not knowing when your system may break down and lead to substantial AC repairs. Routine maintenance gives you some peace of mind knowing the current condition of your system.

2. Lower Utility Bills

As your system runs, airborne contaminants collect on components throughout your system. This causes less air to flow through the system, making it less efficient, increasing the cost of keeping you comfortable. During maintenance, a technician will clean these parts to ensure air can flow freely through your system.

3. Fewer Repairs

Lack of maintenance causes many AC repairs because of the strain it adds to the system. This is not only because of the restricted airflow but also the additional strain from components operating sub-optimally. Your tech will not only clean your system, but they’ll also check the components to ensure they are working within tolerance.

4. Improved Air Quality

Contaminants collected on the parts of your system get picked up and recirculated as your system runs. This increases the number of contaminants your filter must deal with and increases circulating allergens. Your technician removes these contaminants as they clean them off your circulating fan and evaporator coil.

5. Extended Service Life

The average air conditioner lasts roughly 10 to 15 years when properly maintained. With neglect, your system may last substantially less than 10 years. However, with proper maintenance, your system may last well beyond the average.

Prepare your system to offer the most comfort this summer for your home. Call Deal’s Heating & Air to join our Comfort Club and schedule your first HVAC maintenance visit today.

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