It’s normal for your furnace to make some noise during operation. However, sudden and unusual furnace noises may indicate issues with your system in Register, GA. Here are five strange noises that your furnace might make when it’s malfunctioning.


Scraping or grinding could result from any of three causes. One potential source of this noise is a loose or broken blower or motor mount. When the blower wheels get loose, they hit the blower housing and causing a scraping sound.

A broken blower wheel vibrates in its housing producing scratching, squealing and banging sounds. A broken motor mount results in the blower wheel dropping and rattling against the housing. When you hear these noises, it is best that you shut off the furnace and seek a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose the problem.

Furnace is Thumping

Your furnace may produce thumping and vibrating sounds from an unbalanced blower wheel or motor. These parts are essential to the heating system, and you likely need to seek professional help to have them fixed.


You’ll typically hear a low hum when your furnace runs, but a loud hum may indicate a heating system malfunction. You could have an issue with the fan or capacitor.


High-pitched squealing can result from a loose fan belt or lack of lubricant. A service technician typically lubricates all moving parts during a maintenance visit.


Banging or popping is a result of the start cycle of your furnace fan causing the sheet metal ductwork to bend inward. This could indicate closed vents, an undersize duct or a clogged filter.

Another strange noise your furnace might make is rumbling. A faulty burner is usually the cause. Yet another sound, repeated clicking, is usually the result of a faulty compressor or control panel.

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