When you live in Claxton, GA, you know how important it is to have a functioning HVAC system during the winter and summer months. However, some HVAC issues are actually control issues, which is concerning since your thermostat controls your HVAC system. Below are five signs your home needs a new thermostat.

1. Your Thermostat Is 10 Years Old or Older

The average lifespan of a control is about 10 years, after which it can start malfunctioning. If you have a non-programmable control, even one with a needle, it’s past time to upgrade. A programmable thermostat provides greater efficiency and helps to control your indoor air quality.

2. You Notice Higher Energy Bills

Unless your power company raised their rates or there’s a cold snap or heat spike, your utility bill should remain fairly constant. If a technician can rule out the other reasons for higher energy bills, such as ductwork leaks or dirty air filters, your thermostat might be the cause.

3. Your HVAC System Doesn’t Respond

When you change the settings on your thermostat, you expect a response within a minute. If your control doesn’t respond to your commands, it’s time to call a professional to replace or repair your control.

4. Thermostat Display Is Inaccurate

Your thermostat should have a display that shows the room temperature, what you have the temperature set to, as well as the humidity level in the home. If you notice a blank display or it’s showing the wrong temperature, this is another sign you need your control repaired or replaced.

5. You Notice an Inaccurate Display

Unless you have an older thermostat, your control should have a display. If you notice that it’s displaying the wrong temperature, is blank, or the buttons aren’t working, it’s a sign you need your control repaired or replaced.

If you notice any of the above with your control, then it’s time to act. Contact Deal’s Heating & Air today to have one of our trained technicians inspect your thermostat to determine ways to make your HVAC system work for you.

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