Summer is here, and it’s hotter than ever. The AC systems in Metter, GA, homes use a lot of energy and cause utility bills to skyrocket. Make sure you’re boosting your AC efficiency with these simple tricks.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can boost energy efficiency by more than 30%. Advanced smart thermostats offer multiple settings that allow you to change the temperature when you’re at home and adjust it manually when you’re at work or out enjoying recreation. Your HVAC contractor can install a new programmable thermostat for you this summer.

Clean or Change Air Filters Frequently

Keeping your system clean is a must. Dust and debris can clog the components, reducing efficiency and increasing costs.

Check the filter monthly to make sure it’s free of dust, replace it as needed, and you’ll notice better air quality immediately. Although experts recommend changing filters every 3 months, that may not be enough if you live in a dusty place.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you don’t schedule maintenance for your AC system, problems are bound to develop. This is also true for any appliance in your home. A professional can inspect your air conditioner and optimize it to ensure it’s giving you peak performance.

Clean Around the Condenser Unit Outside

Outside units should be free of debris. AC filters can become clogged if they’re filled with dust and dirt, compromising cooling efficiency. HVAC technicians recommend a tune-up twice a year due to the deterioration of parts from dust and debris.

It’s time to start thinking of ways to improve energy efficiency at home. Cooling systems can be expensive and are hard on the environment, but there are simple changes you can make at home that’ll reduce AC expenses and keep your home cool without breaking your budget. For more information about air conditioning repairs, contact our team at Deal’s Heating & Air.

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