The decision to replace a heat pump can sometimes be a tough one. Here are four situations where replacing an old heat pump with a new heat pump would be the most cost-effective course of action:

Frequent and Expensive Heat Pump Repairs

Properly maintained heat pumps shouldn’t need more than two or three repairs in a lifetime. If the frequency or cost of heat pump repair is getting prohibitive, consider replacement. Why sink more money into an ailing unit when there’s no guarantee that what you spend will pay off? It makes more sense financially to invest in a new unit that comes with a solid return on investment.

Out-of-control Utility Bills

Heat pumps lose energy efficiency with age. Even with dedicated maintenance, they can still generate high utility bills when they’re over 15 years old. A new system with even a minimum efficiency rating will yield considerable cost savings over what you’re spending now.

Performance Issues Caused by Old Age

Heat pumps can run for 15 years or more with exceptional care. However, performance may be dwindling and warranty coverage can be long gone. Energy efficiency may be on the wane, and the system will be increasingly prone to breakdown. An older unit is most likely to crash when extreme stress pushes it over the edge.

Mounting Indoor Discomfort

Does your home have high humidity, poor indoor air quality, and hot or cold spots? Modern heat pumps maintain the thermostat setting without emitting periodic blasts of hot or cold air. The result is even and consistent indoor comfort with no hot or cold spots. Long run times give new units exceptional humidity control while advanced filtration capability delivers cleaner indoor air.

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