Deal’s Heating & Air provides a wide range of essential air conditioning services to clients in the areas around Statesboro, GA. Our service professionals are trained to optimize air conditioning systems so that they function at its highest potential. We perform diagnostics and repairs to find out why your AC unit isn’t cooling the air properly.

Using a malfunctioning AC unit can result in unnecessary discomfort during the hottest months and may allow a small repair to turn into a larger problem. According to the EPA, each home air conditioner uses either R-22 or R-410A which are refrigerants. R-22 was commonly used in systems manufactured prior to 2010 and is being phased out due to environmental reasons. Our service technicians are well acquainted with both refrigerants and can provide whichever is needed for your AC system or heat pump. Stay cool in the summer by ensuring that you get an AC tune-up from one of our knowledgeable service technicians.

Energy Efficiency, Tune-Up for AC Units

According to the Department of Energy, some of the most common reasons for malfunctioning AC units is due to improper or lack of maintenance. This includes maintenance of the internal components like filters and coils. Failure to maintain the system will often result in an increase in the amount of energy it takes to cool the air, plus increased discomfort in your home.

At the same time that the energy use is increasing, the air temperature will gradually become warmer unless the problem is addressed. This is a major sign that the AC unit needs a tune-up. Our service professionals can check and replace dirty filters, restore the normal airflow, clean the evaporator coils and perform any other critical maintenance tasks.

Tuning Up Your AC Unit

Deal’s Heating & Air makes it easy for customers in Statesboro to get an affordable AC tune-up. Our services are designed to inspect your unit and return its energy efficiency to the highest levels. This will reduce electric bills while also improving the performance of the AC unit. We offer a complete service guarantee, and we look forward to improving your quality of life by returning the tuned-up AC unit to its optimal performance. To learn more about how an AC tune-up can improve energy efficiency, contact Deal’s Heating & Air today at (912) 226-1351

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