In Claxton’s humid subtropical climate, air conditioning is essential. The trick is knowing whether it’s better to repair or replace your air conditioning unit when problems develop. Here are three guidelines to help solve the dilemma.

Age of Air Conditioning

Although an aging system can still function with repairs, continual repair might not be financially wise. As a system ages, it loses efficiency. Experts say that a new air conditioning installation can reduce energy usage by 40 percent. The energy savings could be enough to justify replacement. Plus, modern systems feature new technology such as smart thermostats that boost your efficiency even more.

Frequent Breakdowns

Escalating breakdowns are a clear signal that your AC unit is nearing its failure point. If the problems are minor — your air conditioner sounds like the clackety-clack of the Georgia Central, for example — you can get by with air conditioning repair for a while longer. If you’re experiencing high-dollar breakdowns, such as the compressor, then it’s time to plan for replacement. Mounting repair costs add up over time, and a new air conditioning installation could be the cheaper option sooner than you might think.

Phase-out of R-22 Freon

For years, manufacturers used R-22 Freon as the refrigerant of choice in air conditioners. In 2010, the government banned using Freon in new AC units. Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, the ban extends to the manufacturing and importing of Freon. Because of its increasing scarcity, Freon costs are significantly increasing, which will increase air conditioning repair and service costs associated with your refrigerant. If your air conditioner uses R-22 and is having refrigerant problems, it might be time to consider replacing your AC.

Why risk your Claxton, GA home becoming a sauna because of a breakdown or inefficient air conditioner? If you think it’s time to replace your AC system, check out the air conditioning installation services we offer at Deal’s Heating & Air or call (912) 226-1351 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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