Never ignore any burning smell in your Rock Ford, GA, house, irrespective of the location. If the smell is coming from an electrical outlet, disconnect any appliance or lamp connected there, and contact an experienced electrician to help solve the issue right away. Here are some common reasons why an outlet may smell like it’s burning.

Damaged Wiring

Electricians must install wiring that creates an unbroken channel for electric energy to pass through. When the wires wear out, they start to break loose, leaving room for arcing. During arcing, a large amount of heat shoots to a nearby conductor, burning any combustible material.

Circuit Overload

Sometimes people overcrowd sockets with loaded power strips and appliances, and the demand grows to surpass what the electric wiring can manage. When this happens, the wiring ignites anything that contacts it, including the socket outlet.

This issue mainly affects older homes. However, if you detect an electric smell in a home of any age, trip your circuit breaker, and immediately contact your local electrician.

Exposed Wire

An exposed wire can create a burning odor in your home. If you detect an exposed wire, do not fix it by yourself. Fixing an exposed wire is a dangerous task that needs the services of an experienced and licensed professional.

Other Signs to Look For

A burning smell can occur along with other signs that can help you detect electrical issues. These signs may include an outlet that’s hot when you touch it, sizzling or popping sounds coming from an outlet or a discolored outlet. When you notice these signs, contact your local electrician to inspect your home before the problem escalates.

When it comes to electrical work, you should always seek help from licensed experts. Failure to do so can put your life at risk and cause damage to your home. To learn more about electrical burns and smells, contact us at Deal’s Heating & Air to receive a free quote.

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