In recent years, do-it-yourself repair has become a popular trend. It may seem like the perfect solution when your A/C breaks down unexpectedly one day. You may think it’ll save you money to do the HVAC repair yourself instead of hiring a certified technician. After all, what could go wrong?

A lot.

You Could Void The Warranty

For many HVAC systems, the components are under warranty. In most cases, the warranty is only valid if a technician that the manufacturer approves performs the service. If anyone other than an approved HVAC technician performs repairs on your heating and cooling system, you risk the manufacturer voiding the warranty. If the manufacturer voids the warranty, you must pay the total amount for repair and replacements out of pocket.

Incorrect Diagnosis

Diagnosing a problem with your heating and air conditioning system can be long and arduous. Even for a skilled technician, determining the cause of the problem could take hours. If you attempt to diagnose the problem, you may spend hours and still misdiagnose the issue. In the end, this will cost you more money and time as you may further damage your system trying to repair an unbroken part.

Endangering Yourself or Your Family

HVAC systems are complex machines that, if not properly serviced, can potentially cause harm to both yourself or even your family. You may risk electrocution, as these machines often operate on 220 to 240 volts. One wrong move would send those life-threatening currents throughout your body. If you are untrained in servicing HVAC systems, the likelihood of a slip-up is much higher to handle these intricate machines.

Another potential hazard is a refrigerant leak. The liquid inside a refrigerant, called freon, is notably dangerous to human life. It is also odorless and tasteless, meaning you could potentially come in contact with it all without knowing. These can cause severe damage to your lung health or even potential death for yourself, your family, or any pets.

You Could Cause Damage to Your HVAC System

HVAC units are complex, with hundreds of moving parts that are easy to damage without proper handling. A skilled heating and air conditioning repair technician knows how to examine an A/C unit without causing damage to the unit. Even if a D.I.Y. repair does not leave you with a broken machine, it may reduce the efficiency of your A/C unit. D.I.Y. A/C repair can lead to even more problems and could cost you even more money than if you had just called an HVAC technician in the first place. 

What Can You Do?

So, if you can’t D.I.Y. your A/C Repair, what can you do to ensure your A/C stays in top condition? Some steps you can take are to 

  1. Routinely change your air filters every three months, potentially more if you have pets.
  2. Carefully clean your air ducts and keep debris away from your unit on a routine basis.

 Beyond those, it’s wise to have a technician check up on your machine and perform preventive maintenance to save yourself time, money, and headaches later on. 


Keep Cool Under Pressure With Deal’s Heating & Air

At Deal’s Heating & Air, we offer HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance that keeps your HVAC system running smoothly all year long. Family-owned and operated since 1975, our company philosophy is to provide honest, dependable services, flat-rate pricing, 24/7 emergency services, and a one-year guarantee with 100% satisfaction on all work we perform. 

Our HVAC services are available to homeowners and business owners in Statesboro, Brooklet, Sylvania, Claxton, Metter, Millen, Pembroke, Portal, Register, Rock Ford, Twin City, GA, and nearby areas.


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