When temperatures reach 90 degrees, you cannot go without your air conditioner. Preventing the need for an A/C repair is necessary. HVAC systems are often pushed to the limit by high temperatures, and problems can occur during this time. Small problems can quickly turn into massive system failures.

It’s important to be on the lookout for any signs that indicate you may need an a/c repair

Recognizing these signs of potential A/C repair needed in your home is important. This will help you avoid a hot home during the summer and ensures cool air inside. You can use these six indicators to determine if your home requires A/C repair service.

1. Electricity Bill Increased

It’s always a cause for concern when you notice your energy bill increases from the previous month. Although, it can be normal to have an increase as outdoor temperatures rise. If you are not using the A/C as much as expected, but your bill is still increasing, then it’s best to contact an HVAC company to have your technician examine your air conditioner.

A higher electric bill can be caused by several factors. An A/C repair may be necessary. It could be an indication of a dirty air filter, leaking duct, or defective motor. Having a certified technician perform the needed air conditioner repair can help you become energy efficient.

2. Blowing Hot Air

The air conditioner should not be blowing hot air. If you notice your unit doing this, it may be time for some servicing. It’s not good to discover that the A/C unit you purchased to cool your home in hot weather is actually making it warmer. Call for air conditioning service if you notice warm air coming out of your A/C vents.

3. The leakage of water or other fluid

You may have a problem if you see a puddle forming under or around your air conditioning system. Leakage can be caused by a damaged condenser. This is the tube that removes outdoor condensation from your A/C.
You may also see ice crystals in your AC unit. It may also be an internal leak. Freon can sometimes be the culprit. Freon is highly toxic and should not be handled. Call an HVAC contractor immediately if you suspect a leak of refrigerant.

4. Strange Odors Coming From Your A/C

A musty or odd odor from your air conditioner is a sign of a problem. If you smell a burning wire or if there is standing water in the air, it could be a sign of fungus growth. If you allow either of these problems to continue, they could lead to serious health issues for your family. It is important to have an A/C professional inspect the unit immediately.

5. You may have high humidity in your home

The job of an A/C unit in a house is to remove excessive moisture from the air, and maintain comfortable conditions in your home. Your A/C may not perform its duties if you notice your home’s air is clammy and muggy.

Mold or mildew can grow in high humidity, which is unsafe for your family’s well-being. Your trusted HVAC company can inspect your unit and determine the cause of the high humidity. There are a number of reasons why this may occur. It is ideal to have a certified technician make the diagnosis.

6. Low Airflow

Air conditioners that blow hot air are just as bad as those with low airflow. It could be that your A/C is not blowing enough air because of a dirty fan, a worn-out motor, or a failing compressor. This type of A/C repair is easily fixed by an experienced technician.

You should have your HVAC technician tune up your machine to determine the issue. There are so many issues that can cause low airflow. It’s not worth trying to fix it yourself because it is difficult to determine the cause, and you could do more damage to the unit.

Are you looking for a professional HVAC company to perform your a/c repair?

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