Summers in Statesboro, GA, are hot and humid. Your heat pump offers relief from the heat and humidity, but it needs regular preventive maintenance for safe, efficient and effective operation. You can lower cooling costs, improve your indoor comfort and avoid costly repairs by scheduling heat pump maintenance now.

Increase Air Flow

Dirty HVAC filters, coils and fins hinder air flow. During a maintenance visit, we replace the HVAC filter and clean the air handler and condenser components. This increases the flow of cool air and improves your home’s indoor air quality. Better air flow ensures consistent temperatures throughout your home. Heat pump maintenance also includes duct inspection. A gap in the ducts allows the cool air to leak. By identifying and correcting duct issues, we restore adequate air flow to each room of your home.

Improve Indoor Comfort

Heat pump tune-ups include cleaning the condensate line. This improves indoor comfort by making sure your system is able to drain condensed moisture outside of your home, giving you consistent humidity levels in your home. The tune-up also includes verifying the refrigerant charge. Low refrigerant levels cause heat pumps to blow warm air in the summer. Recharging the refrigerant prevents this problem and avoids a system shutdown. During a heat pump tune-up, our technicians inspect the wiring, motor, fan, coils, capacitor and other parts for signs of wear and tear. Handling these minor issues now helps prevent disruptions to your comfort. By replacing worn parts now, we also help you avoid unexpected emergency repairs later this summer.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your heat pump improves the system’s energy efficiency by about 25 percent, explains the Department of Energy. During a maintenance visit, we tighten electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, clean dirt and dust build-up and check refrigerant levels. We also verify thermostat settings and optimize them for better energy efficiency. These actions lower the heat pump’s energy usage and prevent wear and tear.

To learn more about the ways maintaining your heat pump improves your home’s comfort, check out Deal’s Heating & Air’s heat pump maintenance services, or call us for an appointment.

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